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The Getintent end-to-end solution for video bloggers, content owners and broadcasters for connected TV video management, monetization and analytics.

Go beyond YouTube!

Сonnected TV
A family watching video on connected TV
Getintent.TV app on connected TV
Key features
Multiplatform app
Make your content available on any connected TV device, including most popular Smart TV models, game consoles, and also mobile platforms.
Ready-to-use solution
Have your branded app ready and published in no time, custom features development available on demand.
User analytics and transparency
Get in-depth view of your audience, their demographic portrait, interests and behavior. Check all the metrics you need on any integrated demand source.
Built-in ad mediation
Plug-in to direct demand from Getintent's premium advertisers. Increase your bid competition and maximize ad revenues with our AI-based ad mediation solution.
Favorable viewer experience
The app offers a well-organized navigation across the channel and archive, while our proprietary technology ensures your content loads quickly, plays instantly in full-screen with adaptive video streaming.
Getintent.TV app is a multiplatform ready-to-use solution
Built-in ad mediation, analytics and merchandise display
Send us the link to your channel – and find out whether you are eligible to get your connected TV apps for free!
Getintent.TV app
Built-in ad server
Built-in ad mediation
Ad revenue
Direct advertisers
Built-in ad server for your direct campaigns. Manage all traditional direct-sold campaigns and programmatic campaigns in a single platform.
Getintent advertisers
Premium advertisers directly connected to the Getintent platform are already queuing for ad placements on your channel.
Ad mediation
Get money with no hassle. Demand from the leading ad networks all over the world already plugged-in to your app.
Unified auction
Get maximum ad revenue due to increased competition among:
Built-in merchandise display
Increased competition in a unified auction
Getintent.TV mobile app
Merchandise display
Sell branded merchandise right in the app. While you are streaming the video, someone is buying your signature sweatshirt.
New opportunities
Reach families and millenials, including cord cutters, shavers and nevers.
New audiences
New audiences
Enjoy higher CPMs for in-stream ads compared to popular video hosting platforms.
Revenue from ads in the app
New revenue source
Deliver your video content directly to the audience, ensure positive user experience and build up loyalty.
New contact quality
Keep your business safe from being blocked by the video hosting administration or government.
Protection from channel blocking
New level
of independence
The US connected TV audience estimates at around 190 million people, which is 57.2% of population.
The US ad spending on connected TV will total $13.3 billion in 2019 and $20.1 billion in 2020.
Quality contact with audience
Go beyond YouTube!
Send us the link to your channel – and find out whether you are eligible to get your connected TV apps for free!
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